The Lightning Process ®

Are you fed up with being plagued with ill health?

Do you feel as though you are heading towards, or in the middle of, a personal crisis?

Are you struggling to move forward from the above?

Have you tried many ways to move forward but without success?

The Lightning Process® can help you to move forward from:

  • illness
  • exhaustion
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • stress
  • guilt…

…and anything else that’s holding you back in life by teaching you the tools to help yourself.

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Upcoming Course Dates

28th-30th October 10-2 – Redhill
7th-9th November 10-2 – Redhill
21st-23rd November – Twickenham or Redhill
5th-7th December – TBC
9th-11th January – TBC
13th-15th February – TBC
20th-22nd February -TBC
12th-14th March 1.30-5.30 – Redhill

Finish times are approximate

Other dates by arrangement

Courses also in Worthing

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