Adult Yoga

Theresa’s yoga classes are for any age or ability. Enjoy Yoga that is free from competition or expectation of achieving a ‘perfect’ pose.

Classes are physical but calming and enable ease of movement.

“In my classes, we explore the relationships between movement, the breath, the ground beneath us and the space around us. Being mindful of our body’s needs in the here and now, releasing tension which allows us to grow, become stronger and more centred” Theresa

How can Yoga help me?

The beauty of yoga is that anyone of any age can do it.

Yoga is great to not only increase strength and flexibility but it is also very effective in releasing tension and stress as well as promoting relaxation, which can bring improved sleep and a sense of well-being.

If you feel that you have outgrown certain sports, would like something that complements your sporting activities or would like to restore normal function in your body, then yoga could be for you. You can practise it at home, in day-to-day life, on holiday or at work.

Theresa practises a synthesis of classic Hatha yoga and Scaravelli-inspired yoga and is a qualified instructor.


Mon 9.15-10.30am currently in Meadvale, may move to St Johns Community Centre 
£9.50 per class – paid half termly
£12 per class – drop in

Mon 11.30am-12.30pm in Meadvale (small group 1:5)
£9 per class – paid half termly

Tues 7.30-9pm in Meadvale (small group 1:5) – NEW
£10 per class – paid half termly

Wed 11.30am-12.30pm in Meadvale (small group 1:5) – NEW
£9 per class – paid half termly

Wed 8.15-9.15pm at the YMCA in Earlswood
see for pricing

Thurs 7.30-9pm in Meadvale (small group 1:5)
£10 per class – paid half termly

1-2-1 Session
£50 per hour or £250 for 6 1hr sessions

Children’s Yoga

Fun, creative yoga classes for your little ones.

Combining yoga poses & breathing techniques whilst allowing children to stretch their bodies, focus their minds & learn to relax.

Each class revolves around a fun adventure, such as rescuing animals from the jungle, a trip to the beach, or going into space.


Classes priced by individual school or nursery

Family/Small Group Yoga

Yoga sessions for families or small groups who would like classes catering to individual needs. These classes can be for adults or children only or a combination of the two.


From £50