Time to Thrive

Are you truly living your best life? My Time to Thrive programmes will help you to optimise your wellbeing.

Together we will look at how you might be stuck or not living life to the full, look at what goals you would like to achieve and harness the resources you already have plus some extra tools to move you forward.

How will we do this?

Through positive psychology coaching. The focus of psychology used to be mental illness. Positive psychology is concerned with helping people to flourish and live their best lives. The focus is on positive events and influences in life. Positive psychology interventions (PPIs) involve such things as exploring and encouraging positive emotions, identifying & using our strengths & building resilience in order to improve wellbeing and optimise performance. It may also be useful to employ some NLP techniques to rewire our brains.

What Time to Thrive sessions are there?

Wellbeing check in

A 2 hour session where we identify what you would like to achieve, look at ways to optimise your wellbeing & set you on the right path to living your best life. We will set goals, make changes and devise a plan for you to follow. This is for you if you would just like to check if you’re on the right track or have specific goals you’d like to achieve.

£150 per session

Stuck to Thrive Coaching course

6 weeks of 1 hour coaching sessions where we work together to identify issues, set goals and move you forward towards a life you love. This is for you if would value more input from your coach and more of a sense of accountability.

£475 for the 6 sessions (1st session 1.5hrs, followed by 5 1hr sessions)

Individual coaching sessions

£80 per hour

Positive Psychology workshops

A series of workshops to explore ways to optimise your wellbeing & flourish. In small groups.
£160 for 4 x 3hrs

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