The Lightning Process ®

Are you stuck, unable to move forward with your life?

Are you fed up with being plagued with ill health?

Are you living with pain, fatigue or other health issues?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or low a lot of the time? 

Have you tried many ways to help yourself but with limited success?

Would you like to learn some empowering tools to enable you to live your best life?


The Lightning Process® can help you to move forward from:

  • illness
  • exhaustion
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • stress
  • guilt…

…and anything else that’s holding you back in life, by teaching you the tools to help yourself.

Contact Theresa for a free consultation to find out more about The Lightning Process® and whether it could help you.


I currently run regular Lightning Process training courses face to face & on Zoom.

My next courses are:

19th – 21st May
9th – 11th June
14th – 16th July
28th – 30th July

Dates for 1 to 1 courses can be arranged individually

I also run occasional group refresher courses & 1 to 1 refresher courses, which can be arranged individually