About Theresa Jauregui

I am a positive psychologist, coach, yoga teacher & PhD student who loves helping people to embrace positive ageing & thrive.

What inspired me to become a coach?

I’m fascinated by health and wellbeing and the interaction between the mind and body

In 2012 I found myself caring more and more for my then 18 year old daughter, who had ME/CFS, whilst at the same time dealing with my own Fibromyalgia. We both explored various ways to help ourselves as conventional medicine had little to offer beyond coping mechanisms. The tools that helped us the most were those that harnessed the mind-body connection including NLP & coaching. I trained in NLP & coaching myself then embarked on an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and trained as a positive psychology coach. I love helping others to achieve change using positive psychology tools. I’m also currently doing a PhD researching the benefits of a mindful yoga practice on positive ageing.

Why yoga?

The flexibility, strength and inner calm that yoga can bring to a body is incredibly powerful

I’ve been practising yoga since I was a teenager and soon realised the benefits. I have attended many different yoga classes over the years, with different teachers and varying styles, and eventually my passion led me to train as a yoga teacher myself. As a Mother of 4, I could also see how yoga would be very beneficial for children, so I trained in 2007 to teach children’s yoga. A few years ago I discovered Scaravelli-inspired yoga, which really resonated with me, and I’ve since studied with Acquaviva School of Yoga and Pete Blackaby, both of which has inspired my teaching. I love helping others to access the many benefits of yoga & to age well. 

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I wholeheartedly recommend Theresa Jauregui. She has treated my teenage daughter for her anxiety issues and especially exam nerves. At all times Theresa has been professional in all her contact with my daughter and sensitive to her needs. I am happy to endorse Theresa’s methods as in contrast to last year’s exam period, my daughter has been much calmer and has the tools and techniques to manage her nerves.

F.L Redhill