Yoga teacher & Health & Wellbeing Coach based in Redhill / Reigate, Surrey
2003, 2021

Building Body Positivity

March 20th, 2021|

I recently wrote an article on my experience of yoga as a way to increase body positivity. It helped me to see that the yoga I practise and teach has a powerful effect on our [...]

2104, 2020

Yoga online

April 21st, 2020|

Whilst in lockdown due to Covid-19, many yoga teachers have turned to providing yoga classes online, myself included. I was initially reluctant to do so, as I specialise in teaching classes to small groups where [...]

2603, 2020


March 26th, 2020|

I just wanted to remind everyone of The Serenity Prayer: We may all feel that we have little influence over current events, but just remember we can influence our reaction to them. Personally, I choose [...]

1701, 2018

The benefits of Yoga

January 17th, 2018|

I'm often asked if my yoga classes are suitable for people with various issues, including not being very flexible, & if there is an age restriction. The answer is always the same - anyone can [...]

310, 2017

Overcoming health issues

October 3rd, 2017|

Are you living a life you love or are you stuck with health issues that are limiting your life? Isn't it time to see what you can do to help yourself? Mind body connections are [...]

2408, 2017

Scaravelli-inspired yoga

August 24th, 2017|

Yoga is a brilliant way to unwind & enable the body to function well. It's great for everyone irrespective of age, experience, ability or level of fitness. It's particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress [...]

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