Theresa and the Lightning Process have made a massive difference to our family. Our son was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome four years ago and hit a plateau in his recovery last summer. Theresa gave him an understanding of what was limiting him and the belief and tools to overcome it. He is on track to fully recover and it’s a joy to see him thriving and loving life. Theresa’s support has continued well beyond the end of the course and our son has experienced a leap forward every time he’s spoken to her. Theresa is motivated by seeing her patients recover and she has the skills and patience to bring that to life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
I.B Worthing
I wholeheartedly recommend Theresa Jauregui. She has treated my teenage daughter for her anxiety issues and especially exam nerves. At all times Theresa has been professional in all her contact with my daughter and sensitive to her needs. I am happy to endorse Theresa’s methods as in contrast to last year’s exam period, my daughter has been much calmer and has the tools and techniques to manage her nerves.
F.L Redhill
Theresa’s classes are always well-planned and carefully tailored for her clients. She provides a good mix of stretches and stances that challenge without over-taxing the members of the class and has a way of ensuring that everyone is able to join in and benefit, regardless of experience or level. The relaxation session at the end of each class is a real treat which we all look forward to and is a perfect way to finish the class. Theresa’s classes are excellent value and I have no hesitation in recommending them very highly.
P.H Redhill
I really enjoy Theresa’s classes on Thursdays, I always go home feeling very relaxed and sleep so much better than normal. Also I really feel it has helped my back problems and would recommend the class to anyone.
S.R Redhill
I had been diagnosed with ME and calmly told by the consultant that there was no cure and that I had to accept that I may have it for the rest of my life.
My life , as I knew it, was closing down. I was exhausted all of the time and practically bed ridden.
I was told about the Lightning Process by a friend and made a decision that I had to try .
I made contact with Theresa and right from the start she was kind and very supportive.
All I wanted was to get the old me back , but , thanks to Theresa and the Lightning Process I achieved far more.
From being bed ridden to coming home on day one and dancing around the living room was the most amazing feeling .
Theresa has given me the tools not only to overcome the complete debilitating exhaustion that ME was causing , but I now have the tools to deal with any difficult situations that are part of normal day to day living.
I was never a particularly stressed person but I do have a high pressure job and had a tendency to overthink situations at times.
I wish I had met Theresa , and done the process years ago , long before ME.
My life now is so much fuller, I deal with any stressful situations with a lightness of mind , be it stuck in a traffic jam , difficult clients etc etc . I simply brush it off now in a way I never could before I met Theresa .I have a zest for life and appreciate my life so much more than before I met Theresa.
Theresa has been with me through my journey and has continued to be in contact and supportive.
I can honestly say that doing the Lightning Process with Theresa was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

D.K Reigate
I received a formal diagnosis of CFS/M.E. after almost a year of tests and referrals. Like many I thought diagnosis would help me get well again, this proved not to be the case. I turned to the Lightning Process having nothing to lose.

The Lightning Process was recommended to me by a friend. I contacted Theresa directly and attended an introductory session. I’ll admit I was skeptical to start with, mainly due to a lack of understanding of what the LP was about. However I came away from the session with the belief that I was going to get well again. Theresa’s talk gave me a surge of positivity. I thought to myself, if thousands over others had recovered (herself included) as a result of undertaking the LP, why couldn’t I?

I undertook the LP in November 2017. Throughout the sessions Theresa was patient and empathetic with me. She made me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence to believe I would be well again.

Eight months on and I am now busy loving the life I am living and am busy planning my Autumn wedding in NYC. I have no doubt this is a direct result of the Lightning Process coupled with the guidance and support of my practitioner, Theresa.

A.L Crawley