I just wanted to remind everyone of The Serenity Prayer:

Serenity Prayer II

We may all feel that we have little influence over current events, but just remember we can influence our reaction to them. Personally, I choose to focus on the many things I’m grateful for: my family, the sunshine, the birds singing, the blossom on the trees, cuddles from my dogs, a comfortable home ….. SO many things! And in my work, rather than dwelling on things I can’t do, I’m focusing on how I can adapt and learn new ways to help people. I could easily have believed that it would be impossible to continue with my work, as all of it is face to face. My initial thoughts were that I could no longer teach my yoga classes, offer NLP or positive psychology coaching, run Lightning Process courses or facilitate positive psychology workshops. But I thought outside the box and have now started teaching my yoga classes online through Zoom. I will be doing the rest of my work on Zoom very soon as well. It may be a different way of working, and not my first choice, but it’s effective and still enables my students and clients to access the help they need. Who knows, maybe in the longer term, when we come out the other side of this crisis, I will continue to do some of my work this way! So, instead of disappearing into a pit of doom and gloom, how about joining me in thinking outside that box and adapting? Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do, focus on what you can and adapt. And in the meantime, take time to notice all the things in your life you can be grateful for.