Yoga is a brilliant way to unwind & enable the body to function well. It’s great for everyone irrespective of age, experience, ability or level of fitness. It’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress or anxiety as it helps to calm the mind but it’s also good for people with physical issues. A good teacher can help anyone to benefit from a class. Yoga should not be competitive or even be about achieving a perfect pose. It’s about the union between mind, body & breath, enabling ease of movement & the release of tension. In my classes everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace & to only do what feels right for their body. No two people within the class will look the same, each moving in their own way to suit their body. I believe yoga is not about pushing & pulling but about relaxing & releasing. Attendees of my classes are also encouraged to rest when they need to, rest being just as important as movement. My classes are small as I like to connect with each person & help them to gain as much as possible from the class & make sure everyone is working safely. It also means it’s possible to gear the classes to the students’ issues & needs.