I’m often asked if my yoga classes are suitable for people with various issues, including not being very flexible, & if there is an age restriction. The answer is always the same – anyone can benefit from yoga, anyone is welcome at my classes & everyone can do yoga, however flexible or fit they are. My classes are student-centred & each person is encouraged to do as much or as little as feels comfortable for them. The yoga I teach is about finding ease & comfort within the body by releasing & relaxing. Everyone is encouraged to relax when they need to, to work at their own level & to feel no degree of competition whatsoever. There is no ideal pose to attain, no pulling & stretching involved, but still you will feel you’ve worked your body. We always finish the class with a period of relaxation, which is a very important element of any yoga practice. If you’ve been dithering about whether or not to come along, why not just give it a go?