Whilst in lockdown due to Covid-19, many yoga teachers have turned to providing yoga classes online, myself included. I was initially reluctant to do so, as I specialise in teaching classes to small groups where I can get to know my attendees and their needs, and respond accordingly. Likewise, my students know what to expect from me, get used to my teaching style and understand what is expected of them. I can instruct and guide well without necessarily demonstrating, especially as I feel sure it is well-known that the aim is to work with self-compassion and no sense of a perfect pose to be achieved. My reluctance therefore to teach my regular students through Zoom was soon eased and I was encouraged by them to do so, and to continue. However, I feel less comfortable with the idea of promoting my Zoom classes generally as, for me, it doesn’t feel right to teach newbies this way, especially those completely new to yoga. So I question the wisdom of yoga teachers who actively advertise their online offerings to anyone who might want to sign up. I’m not saying this is wrong per se, but it’s not for me. It’s too much out of my comfort zone to feel authentic. My USP is small classes tailored to the individuals in the group and in an environment where each person is guided and nurtured. It also means we can chat a little and have a laugh and therefore means that the class is much more than simply doing yoga poses. So for now, I’ll continue to provide Zoom classes for my regulars so that they can keep up their yoga practice, take time to relax and continue to interact with one another. When we can return to face to face teaching, that will be the time for me to welcome newbies.