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Building Body Positivity

I recently wrote an article on my experience of yoga as a way to increase body positivity. It helped me to see that the yoga I practise and teach has a powerful effect on our bodies physically but also on the way we perceive and use our bodies. This in turn increases our sense of [...]

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Yoga online

Whilst in lockdown due to Covid-19, many yoga teachers have turned to providing yoga classes online, myself included. I was initially reluctant to do so, as I specialise in teaching classes to small groups where I can get to know my attendees and their needs, and respond accordingly. Likewise, my students know what to expect [...]

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I just wanted to remind everyone of The Serenity Prayer: We may all feel that we have little influence over current events, but just remember we can influence our reaction to them. Personally, I choose to focus on the many things I’m grateful for: my family, the sunshine, the birds singing, the blossom on the [...]

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The benefits of Yoga

I'm often asked if my yoga classes are suitable for people with various issues, including not being very flexible, & if there is an age restriction. The answer is always the same - anyone can benefit from yoga, anyone is welcome at my classes & everyone can do yoga, however flexible or fit they are. [...]

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Overcoming health issues

Are you living a life you love or are you stuck with health issues that are limiting your life? Isn't it time to see what you can do to help yourself? Mind body connections are very powerful & you can harness these connections to improve your health & wellbeing. If you have the limiting belief [...]

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Scaravelli-inspired yoga

Yoga is a brilliant way to unwind & enable the body to function well. It's great for everyone irrespective of age, experience, ability or level of fitness. It's particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress or anxiety as it helps to calm the mind but it's also good for people with physical issues. A good [...]

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The Power of Beliefs

There are so many people out there offering you possible solutions to your health issues, it can be a bit of a minefield deciding which path to follow. You will be wanting to know which will be the most likely to give to give you the results you desire. What's interesting here is that the [...]

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Feeling stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you have chronic fatigue or pain issues & have been unwell for so long you can't imagine ever feeling in the best of health & living a fulfilling life. Maybe you're suffering from depression or anxiety & find it difficult to manage simple daily tasks. Maybe you're feeling really stressed [...]

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Want to find out more about The Lightning Process?

If you'd like to find out more about The Lightning Process, why not come along to my next free talk? I'm hosting it with fellow practitioner Jacqui Aston, who runs Lightning Process training from head office in London. It's 7.30-8.30pm in the meeting room at The Colman Redland Centre, Croydon Road, Reigate. If you're interested [...]

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Living a life you love

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could be living a life you love? Well, what's stopping you? There are many things that can stop us from making changes to enable us to live a more fulfilling life. So what's the first step? Firstly, we need to spend time thinking about what our ideal life would [...]

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